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Over the last fifty years The IMISK Group has grown from a trader in citrus and cotton to a group of companies in over 10 countries with a workforce in excess of 1,200 employees.

This steady, continuous growth has led us to expand into international transport with an emphasis on heavy lift, shipping, port operations, warehousing and distribution in Turkey, Central Asia, the Middle East and beyond.

We have built our business on integrity, reliability and innovation and partnered with some of the best companies to give us local knowledge, strength and expertise.

As a private company, we are proud of our workforce that we value as the IMISK family. In fact, we are proud to say we have second and third generation family members as part of our team.

We recognize that we work in challenging regions. Safety And Environment is our top priority and we are fully committed to the safety of people, property and environment.

Our employees and our growing community of clients is our primary asset. Everyday we make every effort to provide highly qualified, reliable service that will strengthen and expand our reputation.

Our management and employees are a team dedicated to excellence. Through our extensive training programs, effective communication and partnerships we are committed to grow both internally and externally to provide continuous outstanding services to our customers.